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Note: Dr. Voepel no longer practices with The BACK Center.

My deepest THANK YOU to ALL of Dr. Lily Voepel's Pain Management Team at The BACK Center! Throughout the years you ALL have shown me such kindness, empathy, and compassion. The ongoing support has made a BIG difference to my recovery from procedures. Without you ALL and Dr.Voepel's expertise in the field of pain management, I could NOT function on a daily basis to enjoy life.

8 years of Pain Management Survivor

 - Patient P.H.

To the wonderful staff at The BACK Center´┐Ż.especially Liza, Jonathan, Lucy, Julie, Sallie, Melissa, Ally, Damian and Dr. Hynes. Many thanks for your excellent service.

 - Patient K.S.

Dear Doctor Voepel

I want to thank you for the great care you have given me.  I have always felt very safe in your care.  To me you are a great doctor.

 - Patient S.F.

Dear Dr. Voepel,

Thank you so much for the last epidural injections I received this last December. You did a wonderful job in targeting the right places in my back and legs and thanks to you, my walking has improved and the pain in my legs has lessened quite a bit! I am very grateful to you for your help and expertise. May the New Year bring you much joy and many blessings!

Your patient L.J.

Gratitude taps the limitless in all of us...

Dear Dr. Voepel and all of her wonderful staff,

I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel so at ease and as comfortable as I could be during my procedure on Friday. I was scared, in pain and really didn't know what to expect from the front desk check in to the ride by Pascual and the gals in recovery room are priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My gratitude is endless and I will pray that your goodness will be returned to you all three folds.

Best regards and my love, M.A.D.

To Dr. Voepel and your great crew,

When you professionals get moving on Wednesdays and Fridays it is like magic in motion. The last epidural I had was in March and it helped with taking some of the left hip pain away. It may have not seemed like a big deal to you, but it was for me. Thank you, T.V.

With much gratitude...
Dear Dr. Voepel & Staff,

I am a wife of a patient of yours. My husband has had great relief in pain since the injection. The injection was a miracle. I want to extend my gratitude to you & your staff for all the help in making my husband feel better.

Best regards,
Mrs. R.B.

Thank you...
To Dr. Voepel,

I just had to call and tell you thank you. You are wonderful and I and doing very well after the injections. Thank you!

From M.C.

"...I would like to begin by saying that the back surgery I had to fix my severe scoliosis was the best decision I have ever made. I feel very blessed that I was able to find such a capable group of doctors that are not only exceptional at what they do, but they are also innovative.

I had 4 discs replaced, and my upper thoracic down to my lower lumbar straightened, screwed in place with rods, then fused together. Needless to say, I had 95 percent correction, and I grew an inch and a half!

I honestly feel like Dr Hynes was a godsend. He did half the job by expertly correcting my spine, with no problems or issues afterwards. The man knows what he is doing! I did the other half, the healing part. The best advice I got was from Dr Hynes, who told me to walk every day. Which I did. I also got back into weight lifting and staying active after some time. I am healed now 100 percent. I have no back pain, I am still fairly flexible, I just had a baby 6 months ago, and I have one on the way! It is just amazing that all the pain I had before the surgery is now nonexistent. It has changed my life forever.

To anyone thinking about back surgery, I will say that this is one of the best teams in the world. These doctors know what they are doing, you are in great and capable hands. These doctors can work miracles.

I am a product of the Back Center, I proudly wear my lovely scars as a brand for Dr Hynes, and I will vouch for him until the day I die."


I recently had a microdiscectomy completed by Dr. Datta on my L5 S1 vertabrae. My livelihood depends on me being able to be in top physical condition so my back injury and surgery was an extremely stressful situation. My stress was alleviated somewhat after my first consultation with Dr. Datta. I have dealt with a disc bulge before so I have done extensive research on back injuries and all my symptoms and MRI led me to believe I needed surgery.

Dr. Datta wasted no time confirming what I already suspected and I appreciated his candor. Anyone who has had severe back pain understands that all you want to do is figure out a solution and get back to standing up in the morning without searing pain. I didn't need anything sugar coated. After telling me that my condition would only be solved surgically we discussed different methods that I had read about regarding the procedure. Fortunately for me Dr. Datta had vast experiences in all the methods that I had looked into. He explained the pros and cons of each method and even gave me a link to an article that gave a more in depth analysis on patients and how they responded post surgery to each method.

He put my mind at ease with facts and confidence in his ability to do the job. The surgery was a success. Immediately following the surgery I stood up and noticed that all my sciatica pain had been relieved almost %100. I am now about two months out of surgery and am able to swim and do low impact workouts without any pain. There is no pain or discomfort with regular everyday tasks. Dr. Datta's relaxed demeanor, professionalism, and orthopedic surgery experience combines to make him a surgeon I would highly recommend to anyone who is unfortunate enough to need surgery. My greatest appreciation goes out to him and to all the staff I dealt with at the Back Center. Everyone was competent and I had no problems or inconveniences from first consult to post surgery appointments. Thanks for getting my life back on track!


"....I wanted to let Dr. Hynes and his staff know that my back surgery has been more than successful. Dr. Hynes performed my back surgery in November 2006. I am healthier than I have ever been. I weigh 60 pounds less and exercise more than ever (walking). I went through many epidurals, injections, etc. I had to have the surgery. I was walking with a cane before Dr. Hynes performed the fusion. I am the proud owner of the "cage and 11 screws). I have never regretted having the surgery."


Back in 2002 I think it was I desperately needed back surgery. At the time it was done by a neurosurgeon. After the operation, I only saw this doctor maybe twice and I was in the hospital for about 8 days. I felt scared, and I wasn't told what to expect after the surgery while recuperating at home, nor ddi he go through anything with me before the surgery. When I was discharged from the hsopital and had seen him for my six-week post-surgery check up he took an xray and I was telling him that I was feeling so tight and in so much pain. He responded, "well what did you think a lumbar fusion was supposd to feel like?" Very sarcastic and condescending. As we reviewed the xray that was taken, I noticed how one of the screws (I had I believe 2 rod + 8 bolts AND screws put in me), looked open and when I wasked him about it, he said to me,"Take your xray and MRI and co-pay, I'm done.I did your surgery and thats it." I was shocked, afraid and felt so alone. I asked him, "well, what about aftercare for my surgery?" He said, "Thats not my problem anymore." What kind of doctor DOES THAT!

I was in such excruciating pain, no one to take care of me and then I received a phone call that literally changed my life. I had called for an appointment to see the fabulous Dr. Richard Hynes.

When I went for my first appointment to see him, he took an x-ray, agreed that the screw I felt was open from the xray that the neurosurgeon who did the lumbar surgery, and Dr. Hynes stated how he couldn't believe I was walking, as he stated I was a walking cripple. My pain level was off the scale, I just couldn't take it anymore. He not only talked to me about surgery to fix me, he EXPLAINED EVERYTHING to me. He's not just the BEST ORTHOPAEDIC surgeon in the state, I believe he is the best in the world.

I say this because this time around I did research on him, in his waiting room there are patients from different states, different parts of Florida, who also knew he's the best and were willing to wait, in one case up to two years to see him for their surgery.

As we scheduled my lumbar surgery he explained this technique that he does and I saw him before I was taken to the operating room, I saw him everyday that I was in the hospital. He was so genuine, kind, loving, compassionate and understanding. He walks you through everything, doesn't leave you feeling alone and when the nurses and other hospital staff knows that Dr. Hynes is your doctor, take it from me, you are treated like royalty.

When I saw him for my post-op visit, I couldn't believe what I saw. First of he told me that he had to rebuild my spine because the hardware from the neurosurgeon just fell apart when Dr. Hynes went to take it out and all this time I was walking around like this, and then what shocked me was he took my post-op xray and compared it to the xray he tok before my surgery and from his special procedure he does - I saw new bone growing back! What a sight to see, I was filled with such emotion going form becoming a walking crippled to seeing right in front my own eyes new bone growing back - wow!

But we were not done. To complete rebuilding my spine we both knew I had to have another surgery on my lumbar spine. With Dr. Hynes procedure that is proven and I saw it with my own eyes in growing back new bone, which he works with the FDA with this and on another advance in orthopaedic surgery, I was not scared to go back through what would be my third back surgery. Another success.

He's just not the top orthopaedic surgeon, he's not only a teaching doctor in explaining procedures, he truly truly cares for all his patients.

After this third lumbar surgery, there was a situation with my health insurance. Without getting into all the details, here are some facts. If it wasn't for Dr. Hynes, I would've been left without him or his marvelous staff.

His staff, Cathy Bird and Patty, to name a few helped me gather the proper forms and guided me in filling them out and filing them out a medicare appeal hearing. Aother doctor would have just not been interested in helping to appeal my case, but not Dr. Hynes. He truly is not just a doctor but a caring, involved advocate for his patients. We managed to have a scheduled Medicare appeal hearing by telephone conference....I can go on and on because of the type of doctor and human being he is, is so rare in the medical profession today...He doesn't just see you and say take your medicine and make another appointment, no he believes in the mind, body, spirit and soul all working together in harmony for a true successful healing and so do I.

I am also so lucky because every person that works at the BACK Center goes above and out of their way to help you. From Lola who always answers the phone with such a beautiful smiley voice and connects you where you need to go, to April, Christy and the other girls to schedule your appointments, to the girls when you arrive to check you in, to Patty who is so caring and extremely willing to help you out tiwh any kind of issues she can. And Cathy Bired who is such a loving and devoted Administrator. She is always willing to help and guide the patient with what they need.

One more thing, Dr. Hynes has the best pain management in this county. My pain management started with Anne Gregg - she's fabulous! Now I see Dr. Esmailzadeh and again what a blessing he is to me. He is such a caring, compassionate, attentive, knowledgeable doctor with alot of patience. After suffering for 22 years with cluster migraine headaches compounded by a bad neck, he is the only pain doctor after all these years to address and diagnose my problem and now I am finally getting the proper pain treatment that I need.

As you can see, when I received that phone call from the BACK Center in December of 2005, it literally changed my life, my health, my pain and my ability to start having and enjoying my life, for the first time in years.

I truly love and admire Dr. hynes for all he has done for me, for all his staff has done for me and for still being my dcotor, my friend. He is the ONLY orthopaedic surgeon that will ever operate on me! Dr. Hynes and all his staff for fixing me and making me feel so not alone. They really brought me through that tunnel and have been there for me all this time.

With much love and appreciation, Debbie

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